Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mandy & Jimmy

RAIN OR SHINE, this wedding was on! The weather seemed to cooperate with Mandy & Jimmy as they celebrated with a beautiful wedding over the weekend in south Florida. Each time we wanted to go outside, the clouds parted ways enough to let us through. Regardless of the weather, it was a stunning wedding without a detail over looked. Matt and I were given plenty of time to capture all sorts of special moments and we're looking forward to building some nice big albums!

I'm trying some more muted colors in my editing techniques lately. I love the power of black and white but, I'm so addicted to color; I can't seem to let it go. So, this is my happy medium at the moment. Matt and I are always testing radical techniques with our editing and this set of photos reflects that pretty dramatically. We figure so long as we keep trying new things our photos will stay fresh. :)

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