Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rafaela & Rob

Matt and I got to do something VERY special last night: Go to a wedding where we were GUESTS instead of working! :) This includes a lot more sitting, socializing, and drinking. It's also really exciting to eat when everyone else eats.

When I lived on Singer Island through my teenage years I had a neighbor that was like a sister to me. Raff and I went to different schools but, after school we were pretty inseparable. So, to see someone who means that much to me get married was pretty over-whelming; I CRIED! lol.

I brought my camera along for fun without too many extras, just what would fit in my purse. But, when their wedding photographer ran out of memory on her card I thought it might not hurt to snap a few extra shots. I like the photos because they're a bit different from what I usually shoot. They're from a guest's perspective rather then a visual story of a full wedding. No fancy flash work, not a lot of variety in ceremony shots or any getting ready photos, but I think that's kind of interesting. And more then anything, I'm happy to have captured some of the moments that made Raff's wedding day so special. I couldn't be happier for her. :)

Yea, this bride likes me... ;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Maria & Josh

Our second wedding at Casa Feliz and it's officially my favorite place to shoot in Winter Park. Maria planned a BEAUTIFUL wedding. All black and white, with punches of red, made for a classic vibe. Her details were thoughtful and the TIMING with the lighting... just *wow*. All of these things came together to help us create some awesome photographs. And her adorable nephews and niece didn't hurt either! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wendy & Rodney

After talking about this for quite some time, I've FINALLY started a Smatt Photography blog for Matt and I to share our wedding photos! :)

First up, Wendy and Rodney's wedding! I met Wendy and her mom while shooting a magazine cover for a dentist up in Lake Mary, Dr.Pitts. (I guess sometimes you get lucky and brides just land in your life!) As it turned out, Wendy liked our photos & asked us to be part of her wedding.

It was an earlier reception, which is always nice for us photographers to get that added light. I also really liked her simple color palette of fresh whites and purple. Everyone was lovely to work with and we're happy to have had this opportunity to shoot another wedding. :)