Sunday, November 30, 2008

Matt & Mandy

Our good friends Matt and Mandy are finally MARRIED! We've been looking forward to this wedding all year so to finally shoot it was so much fun! We got to practice photographing them by doing their save-the-date magnets and then an engagement shoot downtown. They took a couple of those photos and had them blown up and printed onto canvases for the front of the reception. I'd never seen my photography blown up and printed like that, it was so NEAT!

Mandy, being a kindergarten teacher, is great at crafting so it's no surprise she found creative ways to personalize little things. She truly put her stamp on her wedding day. One fun thing I'd never seen done before was the bottom of her shoe. She basically BEDAZZLED "I do" under one of her heels! Adorable. Such a great couple, we wish them nothing but the best. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lisa & Jason

Our first wedding on the BEACH! :) Lisa and Jason, like most people I've met who work for the THE Mouse, love Disney. So, it was quite fitting that they would chose to get married at Diney's Vero Beach resort. It was also no surprise that it was FUN!

This wedding party was ready to sing, dance, and CELEBRATE! Lots of laughing, smiling, and gettin' jiggy wit it makes for a great party (& fun photos!). Matt and I had so many we wanted to share that I've decided this blog should really be a display of each individual wedding. Not just our favorite few shots but, rather a small gallery
where couples can preview their photos and share them with friends/family via our site here. So, here they are! Lisa and Jason's beach wedding photos! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jenna & Peter

Maybe I have a soft spot for the British because my mom is from the south of England but, we just really enjoyed photographing this couple. They were so friendly!

Jenna was the kind of bride that seemed to be smiling the entire day. Peter and his groomsmen were willing to try whatever I suggested, even if it meant jumping up and down in the street. All in all: a wonderful couple and a beautiful wedding.