Monday, June 22, 2009

Jackie & Ryan

Our first Oregon wedding! Jackie & Ryan got hitched in true pacific northwest fashion, in the rain, at the McMenimen's Edgefield about 20 minutes outside of Portland.
First of all, the location: wow. Historic Edgefield is a brewery, winery, and distillery with guestrooms, hostel, restaurant, pub, golf course, movies and gift shop. In short, a one-stop destination for an incredible weekend for all their out of town guests. The property is so quirky and delightful, a true treat for photographers.

Another first, Jackie and Ryan were our first couple who wanted to see one another BEFORE the ceremony. This proved to be a great idea. The moment they first saw one another was so special. And this afforded them time to run around with us to take their photos without missing out on precious time with their guests. They actually spent most of their cocktail hour with friends and family. I'd encourage any future couple to consider the same game plan.

Bottom line: this couple has got it goin' on. They're incredibly friendly, fabulously in love, and don't mind getting a little rained on. This made them a blast to photograph. We're loving their photos and can only hope this is the vibe we'll find with all our west coast weddings.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kyle & Katie

Matt and I took the red-eye back to sunny FL over the weekend to photograph Kyle & Katie's wedding. What a sweet couple; these people couldn't be nicer. Their church ladies, however, we're not as easy to work with. They were nice too, of course, but had very strict rules.

This is the first time Matt and I have encountered a church that wouldn't let us go beyond the last pew or use flashes. I, personally, think it should be the couple's choice how close the photographers can get. But, we roll with the punches and Matt was able to nail the moments as the unfolded from the very back of the church with a telephoto while I shot wide. We pride ourselves on working well as a team. ;)

Lately, we've been developing different editing techniques. The photo above looks like one of our photos. We really dig this style but, I've been really trying to mix things up. I think wedding photos are well suited to look vintage, as well as fresh and colorful. So, I edited the following two photos to look they'd just been found in the attic many years after the wedding. I really like the faded or "incorrect" colors.

This is a digital age and all of our couples get the originals as well as anything funky we do to their photos during post-processing. It's cool to work with Matt because we like such diverse things; our goal is to create one unified visual story by two very different artists. We hope we're acheiving that but, regardless we're having a great time. Weddings rock. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mandy & Jimmy

RAIN OR SHINE, this wedding was on! The weather seemed to cooperate with Mandy & Jimmy as they celebrated with a beautiful wedding over the weekend in south Florida. Each time we wanted to go outside, the clouds parted ways enough to let us through. Regardless of the weather, it was a stunning wedding without a detail over looked. Matt and I were given plenty of time to capture all sorts of special moments and we're looking forward to building some nice big albums!

I'm trying some more muted colors in my editing techniques lately. I love the power of black and white but, I'm so addicted to color; I can't seem to let it go. So, this is my happy medium at the moment. Matt and I are always testing radical techniques with our editing and this set of photos reflects that pretty dramatically. We figure so long as we keep trying new things our photos will stay fresh. :)